Good Man Is Hard To Find Grandmother

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Decisions made by leaders around the globe affect at least one person each day. These decisions are not necessarily achieved by rational individuals. If people are placed in positions of power without the incentive to make the proper decision, then the scenario will end up appearing similar to that which is seen in “A Good Man is Hard to Find”. Within the story, the grandmother sees herself as a lady that can manipulate her family in any way she pleases. These same values are upheld by Red Sam, the owner of The Tower, a restaurant that the family stops for food at. While Red Sam and the grandmother converse, they mention the Misfit, a third individual who places himself in a position of power. These characters in “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” …show more content…
After listening to Red Sam’s story about the two boys, the grandmother automatically says, “you’re a good man” (O’Connor 142). She assumes that it is good to blindly place one’s trust in people even if they are not being honest. The grandmother’s stance on Red Sam’s action proves that she herself blindly places trust in others. She sees them as kindred spirits, and by saying that Red Sam is good, the grandmother is stating that she would have done the same. Red Sam and her agreeing on issues is all it takes for the grandmother to like him, which leads to her ignoring the treatment of Red Sam’s wife. The grandmother’s ignorance of Red Sam’s treatment of his wife provides a further evidence for her definition of a good person. As indicated above, Red Sam demands that his wife complete the grandmother’s family’s order so that he can continue to converse to the grandmother. The grandmother’s belief that she and Red Sam are of the same stature leads her to ignore this act of sexism. She does not take this as a sign that he is not the man she believes him to be, having already fallen into her own mental, finding Red Sam’s act acceptable. Therefore, the grandmother’s ability to judge the qualities that define a morally good person are nonexistent once she decides that someone is …show more content…
She shows this belief with her pleas of “you've got good blood!” and “I know you wouldn't shoot a lady!” (O’Connor 151). The grandmother’s attempts at convincing the Misfit that he is a good man shows how desperation leads to her falling back on her belief that good people are those in positions of power. Furthermore, her belief resides on the fact that the Misfit did not provide a definitive answer as to whether he would ever kill ‘a lady’; her begging thereby means she is placing her trust into the hands of someone who’s taken the lives of innocent people, having just killed the rest of the family. In light of the situation that she finds herself in, the grandmother has overlooked the fact that it is her own wrongdoing that has placed her in the situation that she finds herself. If she had not called out the Misfit, the grandmother’s family would still be alive and the Misfit even suggests “it would have been better for all of you, lady, if you hadn't of reckernized me” (O’Connor 147), meaning he might have helped the family instead of killing them. Her inability to reflect on her own actions results in her being held at gunpoint pleading for her life, hoping that her judgment of the Misfit as being good is true.
Someone who displays signs of being trustworthy and displaying their superiority is what constitutes

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