Good Faith and Truthful Ignorance Essay

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No one escapes the consequences for their actions It all took place more than 400 years ago. Francisco Noguerol de Ulloa was sentenced to exile for three years, forced to pay a minimal fine to His Majesty, and was forbidden to see his second wife, Catalina. The crime he, unintentionally, committed was bigamy, marriage to two wives. Noguerol was a rich man, a devout Catholic and a high – ranking political and social being. Yet he was convicted of bigamy and was thrown in prison like an ordinary criminal. The source of his downfall was two scheming nuns. During the sixteenth century, wealth, religious values, and political status played a significant role in Colonial Latin America. Women and their chastity were honored; Catholic Churches …show more content…
Gender was a highly signified factor during Noguerol’s search for justice. Women were considered fragile who needed a man’s support for a living. Their duties were inside the house for raising children and housework. It demonstrated men’s dominance over women. But, women were also allowed to seek justice in the court; whether it was bigamy or the claim of one’s dowry. During the sixteenth century, women enjoyed the legal protection that the court gave them. Husbands were obligated to support their wives as the courts consistently enforced laws, in the wives’ favor. Beatriz openly used that power to win the case against Noguerol. In Catalina’s case, she appealed to the highest authority, Pope Paul IV, to re – instate her marriage with Francisco Noguerol. The plea was granted and the couple was united. They found a loophole in the court’s verdict. At that time, there were two classes of women; one that followed the path of the Church and the others who bonded themselves in holy matrimony. Noguerol’s two nun sisters were the perfect example. Since they were devoted nuns, the court nullified the letters that they wrote announcing Beatriz’s death; the cause of this entire predicament. Men, on the other hand, were ruled as dominant, fierce warriors, and power – hungry politician. Noguerol had dealt with many casualties when serving for the king but that did not help him during the case. Instead, it was easy to punish a man for

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