Good And Evil In John Milton's Paradise Lost

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Satan disguised as a cherub tricks Uriel, one of the seven archangels, and as soon as he realizes his mistake he warns Gabriel that someone has trespassed the Garden of Eden. Milton describes the devolution or degeneration of Satan since the rebellion to when he faces Gabriel and the other archangels in Eden. He starts as an archangel (when God creates him); then to a cherub (much lesser angel); from cherub to a bird (which is the last shape he has with the ability to fly); a lion and then a tiger (those animals are dangerous and feared by man); and finally to a frog . Milton makes a point symbolizing how evil and sin corrupts, in this case both physically and morally or ethically.

Ithuriel and Zephron discover Satan attempting Eve in her sleep, but he is so corrupted with sin that they do not recognize him. “…Know ye not mee? Ye knew me once no mate/ For you, there sitting where ye durst not soare;/ Not know mee argues your selves unknown,/ The
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Nevertheless, the end can be seen as unsatisfying when God interrupts the fight is about to begin between Satan and the angels by the symbol of the two golden scales; as it leaves the end hanging, unfinished, but Milton (in the final dialog from Gabriel to Satan), he reminds the reader of where the real power resides; God, as the power of Satan and the angels comes from God .

Satan is disguised as a cormorant (the bird) that symbolizes greed sitting on the Tree of Life and is already planning to bring Death to the Paradise.

Milton’s Adam and Eve are described in Paradise Lost (Book four). It is then when he sees Adam and Eve . Satan has a new goal now, to corrupt all God’s new creations, Man and Earth. His first attempt in corrupting Man is when he whispers in Eve’s ear to sin, to disobey

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