'Good And Evil In The Poem Beowulf'

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“Research Paper” What determines what makes someone good? What determines what makes someone evil? The way evil and good can be portrayed depends on a group 's opinions and background. God and evil have many different definitions, but when it comes to “Beowulf,” the idea was portrayed perfectly. “Beowulf” was able to portray good and evil throughout the poem’s actions, beliefs, monsters, heroes, Anglo-Saxon characteristics and paganism. “Beowulf” is an Old English literature poem that was published in 1815. The poem’s author is unknown, but “Beowulf” was edited by Seamus Heaney for “The Norton Anthology English Literature” book. “Beowulf” was written based on Anglo-Saxon beliefs and values. Christianity also played a big role on how “Beowulf” was structured and created. Beowulf is a warrior from Gates who travels to Heorot Hall to repay King Hrothgar with a favor. King Hrothgar is the king of Danes. Beowulf is asked by King Hrothgar to find and get rid of a monster that has been causing …show more content…
Cain is believed to be a demon for killing his brother Abel. During “Beowulf”, Cain is a hated person. Cain’s name and descendants are never welcomed into Heorot Hall. Anyone who commits a sin similar to Cain’s are automatically considered a descendant from him. According to Bodek, “Indeed, by acting for God, Beowulf risks becoming a second Cain. Cain, after all, was only damned to Hell on earth after he attempted to please God. As Christian listeners to the poem would surely have known, God found Cain’s offering of grain to be waiting; Abel’s sheep, on the other hand, please God (Genesis 4: 3-5). Only after this rejected gift-giving took place did Cain kill Abel” (Bodek 131). “Beowulf” portrays Christianity 's beliefs. For example, Cain. Cain was believed to be a demon and anyone who followed his steps was considered evil. Monsters as well played a big role in “Beowulf” by portraying the meaning of

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