Good And Bad Effects Of Tv Essay

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For many years, there have been studies and articles that have proven television is harmful. The Good and Bad Effects of TV on Children article states, “Tv exposes your kid to negative influences, and promotes negative behavior.” In other words, the article asserts that TV could have a negative effect on your child making them bad kids. Even though people love the violence in television, tv programs should reduce its violence and drug content because it influences kids more than it influences adults to make poor choices. All the violence on television could cause your kids to be overweight and do inadequate in school. Although television could be entertaining parents should control what there kids are watching.
Viewing too much violent
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Steven Dowshen states, “ The mind of your kid is like clay.” Steven Dowshen is trying to convey is that kids get influenced very easily. For example they see their favorite actor or singer doing drugs or drinking and think it is cool and they will become popular too. Teens do a lot to fit in, what they do not know is that consuming drugs and alcohol could kill them. They could start off just wanting to be cool when they least expect it there addicted. “Moreover, kids who watch five or more hours of television everyday are much less averse to start smoking cigarettes that the individuals who watch less than 2 hours of tv.” (Steven Dowshen)
Statistics prove that there is negative correlation to viewing excess amounts of television like obesity and health problems. The Good and Bad effects of Tv on Children states, “ Kids who watch too much TV are usually overweight.” Kids also snack on junk food while watching tv for example popcorn,chips, ice cream, and even soda. Children are influenced by commercials to consume unhealthy food, there also not running, jumping or getting the exercise they need as kids or teens to burn
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