Gone Baby Gone By Richard Burner And Yvonne Raley Essay

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The film Gone Baby Gone is about a little girl who has been abducted. One of the moral dilemmas that happens during the content of the film are the issues associated with duty and reason. According to the book Ethical Choices by Richard Burner and Yvonne Raley, Immanuel Kant’s theory “maintains that reason generates moral principles, his theory reflects the assumptions of rationalism” (Burner and Raley, 156). In this motion picture, Patrick Kenzie is one of the criminologists that gets hired by Helene, who misses her little girl. At the point when Patrick examines this case, he sees that Helene is an exceptionally imprudent and dismissing mother. She generally allows her little girl to sit unbothered while she remains at bars for 2 hours getting doped up and involves herself with a bunch of drug dealers. Truth be told, Jack Doyle, one of the drug dealers and a cop, seizes Helene 's girl. In spite of the fact that he infringes upon the law, Jack wants Helene 's little girl to have a genuine home. While Patrick picks up on Jack 's intentions and understands Jack’s reason to take Helene 's little girl, he needs to make a very important decision. Does he give Jack a chance to keep this young lady in hopes that she may have a healthier childhood? On the other hand, does Patrick turn Jack over to the police, understanding that Helene will never be a good parent to her little girl. Toward the end of the motion picture, Patrick settles on what he feels is the right choice,…

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