Gold Mining At Haile Gold Mine The Most Famous And Productive Mine East Of The Mississippi

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Gold has served as a sort of international monetary system dating all the way back to the first forms of trade and bartering. Gold has and will continue to have a profound impact on the world currencies (Allen). Recognizing the importance of gold people have been quick to collect as much gold as possible, as shown as the California Gold Rush. Before the gold rush in the West, South Carolina was home to one of the largest gold mines in the Southeast, Haile Gold Mine. Gold mining at Haile has continued on and off for the past 200 years. As of recently, Romarco Minerals Incorporated has purchased Haile Gold Mine the most famous and productive mine east of the Mississippi (Haile Gold Mine). Through this purchase Romarco aims to collect microscopic flakes of gold. This project will admittedly destroy several acres of wetlands through the digging of large holes and the mounds of dirt that will be produced from the large holes. These holes will serve as the way in which large dump trucks will take the gold filled to dirt to be separated. Although there will environmental damage to the wetlands, the economic enrichment and public access land will far outweigh the negative effects which are encountered when mining for gold. The economic enrichment will allow not only Lancaster County to have a new stream of revenue, but also the surrounding regions. Lancaster County 's unemployment rate is nearly one percent higher than the national average. The national unemployment rate is…

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