Essay about Going Public with Your Reasoning

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Going Public With Your Reasoning
Question 1: Think of a topic or issue or situation that you find very upsetting or frustrating. Do a little “ranting” on that issue. That is, write some very strong and emotional statements about this issue or situation. You might begin with “One thing that makes me furious is __________.” Try to write four or five sentences.

One thing which makes me furious is the amount of double standards that you have to see nowadays. Originality has become a rare
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Moreover, these days it can be seen that those who work hard towards a goal do not receive the credit they deserve. This being compared to those who are more vocal about how righteous they are to the world are much more appreciated and credited by others. Maybe it is not only about how hard you work, instead how you present the amount of work one has contributed to the world.

One may also argue that, these large institutions are affecting the environment, but they have also given a lot to the society. These institutions wouldn’t have been large and successful, if the product or service they provide to society wasn’t helpful. They are contributing to society, thus the great demand for these products or services these large institution provides. In short, maybe they are being double standard on helping the environment while affecting it vastly, however their contribution and acceptance to society is an issue which cannot be undermined. These

Cigarettes are very harmful to humans and environments, but they still provide people with stress relief. Thus the addiction grows. They are trying to warn a smoker before they smoke instead of being double standard. Cigarette companies have only grown by such scale because of their high demand by people just like us.

In conclusion, going public with the statement of double standard being a world problem could offer so many arguments. The facts being stated are just words, about large institutions, and

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