Mccloskey Argumentative Essay

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For many years, Theist and Atheist have attempted to argue their points concerning God’s existence. In both instances, each group appears to constantly attempt to disprove their counterpart. This is done in a variety of ways and some of which we will look at in this paper. Typically, the place that each side begins with is a straight forward question. Is there a God? However, after this question the ones that follow are anything but straight forward. Due to this, there are many people on each side of the aisle that spend their life attempting to prove or disprove God’s existence.
In H J McCloskey’s article On Being an Atheist, McCloskey attempts to make arguments against God’s existence based on a lack of true proofs. McCloskey mainly focuses
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McCloskey argues that belief in God based on the world we know is not sufficient. “If we argue from the existence of this world to its creator, we must endow this creator with attributes which express how he came to create such a world” (McCloskey). The argument continues and bases the reasoning on the first cause (God) not being able to be explained as being a necessarily existing being. McCloskey seems to believe that one must be able to nail down certain characteristics of God to justify belief in regard to the cosmological argument. According to this view, there is not enough evidence to prove the creator or the creation time frame. However, in Philosophy of Religion, Evans and Manis differs greatly from the view previously mentioned. According to Evans and Manis, God is not a contingent being and if God did have a cause he would not be God. Evans and Manis go on to explain that the cosmological argument prove many of God’s characteristics. However, it does include some of the key elements of a theistic concept of God. “By itself, the argument only seems to show the existence of a necessary being that is the cause of the universe” (Evans and Manis). As a result, this could lead a person to desire to know more about

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