Free Life Of Pi Essays: The Existence Of God

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This paper has taught me so many different things about my thoughts on God. When I first started this paper, I did not know if anything would be able to change my opinion. When I started my paper, my goal was to find some proof that there was no such thing as God. Instead, I found many different sides to this complex argument. The Life of Pi tried to make a significant argument of why God did exists. Thomas Aquinas showed me different sides to many arguments about God. Finally, my conversation with Olivia helped confirm my opinions. I do not believe that God exists because there is no higher power that has enough control to influence the entire world.
I completely disagree with everything that the book Life of Pi states because
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The first question that I obviously wanted to explore was whether God was real and if it could be proved. I thought that it was very interesting that Aquinas first believed that God was not real because of the comparison between scientific knowledge and faith. As I grew up, the reason that I started to not believe in God as much is because of what I learned in Sunday school vs. what I learned in science class. Once I learned about the process of evolution and how science said that humans were first made, I believed that the theory was much more realistic and the theory I was taught in Sunday school. The first point that Aquinas made was that there was no scientific evidence that God exists and that the only reason we believe that God exists is because of faith. I completely agreed with this assertion, but Aquinas then said a counter argument to this claim. He believed that faith is natural knowledge, thus God must exist. This is the opinion he ultimately decided made the most sense. I completely disagree with this argument because it is completely based off of the fact that faith has to be true. I am okay with other people believing in faith because it is a huge part of many people’s lives. However, I am not a person that is going to believe this. I think that if someone believes that faith is the same thing as natural knowledge, they are going to obviously have strong religious beliefs. However, natural knowledge is not the same thing as faith; they are completely different. As Aquinas’ thinking continued, it talked about issues that one had to assume that there was in fact a God. The next question he asked was whether or not God had a body. Aquinas first believes that God has a body because that is what the Holy Bible says. I was not able to agree with this opinion because the Holy Bible also says

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