God 's View On God Essay

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As I seek to know more about God in my studies, I start to ask more questions. Recently, I have come to believe that there will always be more to know about God. Therefore, I understand it to be an ongoing venture, continuing into the future. The name “God’ in itself is vague However, if God is to be understood on the basis of particular actions attested from Scripture, the picture becomes a bit more clear. It is important to constantly seek to understand the nature of God, because the nature of God is central to Christian theology. When I read about the actions of God in Scripture, they speak of God as a Loving Trinity. Though it is difficult to fully understand the concept of God as Trinity, it remains a necessary requirement. Any insight into the Trinity reveals more about God. “So even as God is one, what I see, at least more explicitly stated in the second Testament is that God is as Trinity.” How can we speak of God as one and three? There are vestiges of God as Triune in the New Testament. The doctrine of the Trinity means there is one God who eternally exists as distinct Persons. The New Testament provides evidence of the Trinity. It is often the case that we encounter God first through the Holy Spirit. God is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. “The Holy Spirit is the bond of the love between the Father and the Son.” Such beliefs are part of the regular confession and teaching in the Church. When I preach on the Trinity, much effort is required,…

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