God 's View On God Essay

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God Gives Meaning To Life

When I hear the word “religion”, God comes to my mind very quick. Many people find religion very controversial sometimes because they don’t believe in God or don’t want to hear about him. For many people and philosophers God gives no meaning to life and for others God does give meaning. Personally God gives a lot of meaning to my life and helps me with my daily life. For some people God is very important and others know about God but have no interest whatsoever. God gives meaning to life in many ways and for those who do not believe in him there will be a point in their life where they will start to believe and have questions about God.
Leo Tolstoy was someone who did not believe in God, but there was a time in his life where things were getting complicated and he wanted to commit suicide. Tolstoy is not the only one who has had one of those moments. Many people start to believe in God because they learned about him in difficult situations. It is true that “there are no philosophical arguments sufficient to prove that God exists” (64). That is Faith is where it comes in. Faith is believing in something that you cannot see. Tolstoy believed and had faith in that moment because he needed it to believe that there was a God that loved him and had plans for him. Tolstoy claims that “To know God and live is one and the same thing. God is life” (64). A person who loves God wants to do the right thing all the time because God is love. And when someone…

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