God Created The Heavens And The Earth Essay

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“In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth.” This premise is essential in the understanding of Creation from a Biblical perspective. Without the belief of God as creator, the entire purpose of creation, much less the Bible and the redemption story is negated. The belief in God as the sole creator of the universe is indispensable for this world view. As the story of creation progresses, there becomes much conflict within the itself as different classes of though are created to help try explain creation in terms of their own understanding of what is the best way to interpret the timeline and what really happened in creation. The Literalist View is the best perspective to take in order to fully understand. The Literalist View, a perspective in which one understands creation as happening in 7 literal days is best to adhere to because the diction of Genesis implies a literal understanding, furthermore, the literalist view follows scientific guidelines in which science creates.
To properly understand the Creation story properly, it is necessary to interpret the story semantically as well as lexically (answersingenesis.org). To avail these different gives proper understanding as it was written from the writers who were writing the book of Genesis through the work of the Holy Spirit. Throughout the Old Testament, the work Yom is used quite often, as there are several different meanings of the word. However, out of the thirteen Hebrew words used to mean time, Yom is…

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