Go Set A Watchman By Harper Lee Essay

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In Harper Lee 's Go Set a Watchman, which takes place in the mid-1950s, a 26-year-old Scout Finch takes the train from New York City home to Maycomb, Alabama, and finds the familiar world turned mighty strange. TV and air-conditioning have changed the landscape, and beloved childhood friends like Dill and her brother Jem have vanished. Others, like Calpurnia, look at Scout, here called by her grown-up name of "Jean Louise," as though she were, well, a white lady. And then there 's Atticus, he is now 72 and crippled by arthritis. Atticus allies himself with the kind of men who several years later stood shoulder to shoulder with Bull Connor and George Wallace. It is sometime a little after 1954. The twenty-six-year-old Jean- Louis Finch takes the train from New York to visit her family and hometown. She usually makes this journey by plane, but has decided to go by train for this visit, and she is pleased with her decision, as she likes trains and gets to admire the countryside. She doesn’t want her father Atticus, who is seventy-two, to have to drive all the way to the airport in Mobile either. Jean Louise gets briefly trapped inside her compartment’s fold-up bed, but a porter helps her out. The train crosses the Chattahoochee River into Alabama, and Jean Louise thinks about her family. She remembers the story of her relative Cousin Joshua Singleton St. Clair. Jean Louise’s Aunt Alexandra considered Cousin Joshua a “credit to the family,” but Jean Louise learned the truth…

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