Essay on Globalization : The Globalization Of Gender

1022 Words Nov 13th, 2016 5 Pages
Pilar Garcia
Anthropology 103
Professor Paison
Online Course
Fall 2016

The Globalization of Gender As described in Cultural Anthropology: A Toolkit for a Global Age, globalization has been allowing people around the world to connect with each other. These interactions are making a reality the exchange of ideas, money, goods and services. Globalization has been certainly changing the lives of men and women. For instance, globalization brought more jobs for women, which is excellent since we live in a world where the men’s salary is not enough to support a family in many cases. Therefore, in the present women have more opportunities to support their family economically. In addition, being independent brings instill strong self-esteem among them, prestige, and decent salaries. These are some of the pros of globalization. However, women are still underpaid, even though they have the same experience, skills, and sometimes more education than their counterparts. Gender discrimination is still a trend that will not to disappear anytime soon. Men for their part, are more relaxed, since women are cooperating actively. In this sense, men white or not white they have their own “invisible knapsacks,” (Kenneth Guest, page 133). While globalization has more pros than cons, statistics show that the rates of divorce are higher, single parents greater, more mothers are head of household than ever. This occurs, due to the fact that women being independent do not want to stay in a…

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