Globalization Is The Best Economic System For All Of A Country 's Citizens

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Although today we live in a capitalist world; as Cohen would put it, “Why Not Socialism?” Today, more than ever, with the fight for equality and the constant political debates at the forefront, chatter on the way the economy should be run has become a common occurrence. People are beginning to question where they believe their wants and needs should be allocated, and who should be allocating them. With the well being of the citizens financials in mind, it is clear that market economies have fallen short on ensuring that the basic needs of all citizens are met. It has causes a need for greed in society, and has eliminated the sense of community. Our current economy has also lead to very big gaps in the way our resources are allocated and large class disparity. Therefore, socialism, which allows for basic needs to be met and personal freedoms to be upheld, is the best economic system for all of a country’s citizens. Market economies today have only lead as a whole, inherently and inevitably to poverty and financial uncertainty. However, with socialism that is no the case because the resources are allocated fairly. What we see happening in a capitalist society is that the ones who supply the most labor, and the ones who put in the most effort, are the ones who receive the least compensation. Whereas the rich, who are already at the top, just keep getting richer, and accumulating larger masses of wealth that they don’t need. Thus resulting in the laborers getting paid…

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