The Case For Socialism By Alan Maass Essay examples

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The article to be analysed in this report is an article by Alan Maass titles ‘The Case for Socialism’ that appeared on’s website on April 16, 2010. The author of the article Alan Mass is the editor for the previously mentioned website and also an author of a book going by a similar title. There are two mutually exclusive, opposite formal economic systems in the world that any society/country must choose. These are Socialist and Capitalist systems. The capitalist system is a market based systems with buyers and sellers. The goods and services are produced to be sold at a profit and there is little or no government interference. The market conditions determine the economic decisions and the government only enforces rules and regulations governing the businesses. The socialist system on the other hand is a system characterised by the factors of production being owned by public/state bodies with individuals being rewarded on the basis of the principle of individual contribution. The state makes the economic decisions based on the needs of society. The article being reviewed is an article is pro-socialism and the author wants us to believe that of the two systems, socialism is the better one.
The article’s opening remarks are, “Capitalism isn 't working. Every day, every week, every month brings more evidence--hunger and poverty getting worse, jobs lost and homes in foreclosure, war and environmental destruction. And all the while, a tiny elite enjoys a life…

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