Essay on Globalization Is Good Film Review

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Globalization is Good Film Review – Krystle Carr The documentary “Globalisation is Good” by Johan Norberg, demonstrations the flaws in the anti-globalization theology. It illustrates the positive impacts and negative consequences of the lack of globalizations in Taiwan, Vietnam, and Kenya. The documentary is based on the findings in Norberg’s book “In Defense of Global Capitalism,” and his belief that globalized capitalism can end poverty as it has in Europe and the United States. In order to achieve globalized capitalism, a country must have capitalism at home. This process a country will take begins with granting land and property rights to individuals, which improves productivity and motivation of land and property owners. With land and property protection multi-national companies will step in to capitalize on the cheap labor force, in terms of what some would call a “sweatshop.” The sweatshops promote industrialization among the country and increase the wealth of the country and individual workers. This wealth is then invested into such things as new businesses, factories, etc. This increase in businesses and factories causes an increase in the demand for labor, making the wages more competitive amongst those employers. With increased wages, individuals and households increase the education levels they can provide for future generations and promote innovation and competition in the country. This is Norberg’s suggested path to reduce poverty and promote…

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