Essay about Globalization Is A Way That Countries Intertwined

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Globalization is a way that countries intertwine, with both good and bad outcomes. Globalization can best be described as the way people interact with others across the earth; it is something that impacts individuals as well as whole nations. It plays an import role it trade, the economy, culture, and religion. The United States is one of the most Globalized nations in the world. It’s a country where different cultures can thrive and all religions are free to be practiced. Whether it is being impacted by it or if it is impacting other nations, the USA plays an active role in Globalization every day especially with religion. When it comes to a specific religion, Christianity is the best example of a religion that participates in Globalization. It is the most widespread religion and was followed by “no less than a third of the world’s population by 2010.” (Elwood, 323).
Moving your life, and with that your religion, used to be difficult and still is in some places. Yet, the United States has grown to be a place where all religions can thrive, but before different religions could be in the USA, they came from somewhere else. Europeans came with different types of Christianity, Asians came with Hinduism and Buddhism, and Africa brought their share of diverse religions. With the movement of these people onto American soil, they brought along their culture and ways of living making America the diverse nation that it is. This has made the US “…perhaps the only major society in…

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