Globalization Is A Positive Influence On The World Economy Essay example

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“Don’t look out only for your own interest, but the interests of others, too” Philippians 2:4, NLT. Paul encouraged the cosmopolitan city of Philipi to guard against selfishness and malice, and show others the enduring love of Christ through Hesed. Controversy over globalization is centered around job opportunities lost or gained to outsourcing. Foreign manufacturing sweat shops is the evidence anti-globalization activist use to thwart progress. Before myopic decision are made to stifle globalization, the holistic benefits must be considered. Globalization is a positive influence on the world economy and countries have advanced from its presence.

Globalization Expectations:

With Africa’s dwindling portion of the world trade market, leaders adopted The New African Initiative to boost economy in 2001. 300 million people lived in sub-Saharan Africa on less than $1 a day. Leaders wanted to increase economic prosperity through financial globalization. The New African Initiative was adopted to accelerate economic growth and reduce poverty by integrating Africa into the world economy (Nsouli, 2001).

Globalization Results:

According to, more than 961 million people lived in Africa by 2014 (Sub-Saharan, 2014). Africa still showed wages at $1 a day ranking them one of the poorest countries in the world. Wages at $1 a day would not show economic growth without considering population. Population has grown over 300% since 2001 indicating…

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