Globalization And Its Impact On The World Essay

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Globalization is said to be “ a tendency of businesses; technologies, or philosophies to spread throughout the world”. An European honed practice, that by historian estimations began in 1492, when Christopher Columbus stumbled on the Americas. This event was later followed by Vasco Da Gama in 1498, when he made an end run trip around Africa, acquiring monopoly rents from spice traders. Though many do choose to believe that globalization spanned far prior to all this. Europeans always seem to take precedence whenever the conversation arises about globalization, and this can be attributed to their ideologies and motives they are driven by. “God, Glory and Gold”, the “3 G’s” is a common European belief, which justifies their purpose on this earth as to spread the word of Christianity; explore and conquer lands, and seek economical benefits whoever possible in the process. Regardless of their motives, whatever it may be, they were always the center of their endeavors, and through their actions in history, those beliefs have clearly labeled them as being an ethnocentric power. The presented source, states the nature of the European actions of imperialism as a shameful and pitiful practice, that is driven by prejudice and Eurocentric behaviors. Self pride and the thought of superiority propelled many of their events, mainly around imperialism that saw the defacing and dismantling of nations and cultures seen inferior and different, simply because it contradicted the European…

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