Essay on Global Warming And Sea Levels

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Throughout the last several decades, sea level rise has become an issue that is affecting many areas around the world. According to National Geographic (n.d.), “Scientific research indicates sea levels worldwide have been rising at a rate of 0.14 inches per year since the early 1990s. The trend, linked to global warming, puts thousands of coastal cities… and even whole islands at risk of being claimed by the ocean”. The three main factors that have been causing this global sea level rise are the melting of polar ice caps and glaciers, the loss of ice from Antarctica and Greenland, and thermal expansion. Consequently, as the Earth is being warmed by global warming, the oceans are expanding and ultimately contributing to sea level rise. It has been estimated that by the year 2100, oceans will have risen by about 70 inches (Crawford, n.d.). As time progresses, global warming and sea level rising will likely only accelerate, submerging countless coastal areas like Marin County. For that reason, it is imperative that the communities of Marin county and the surrounding Bay Area come together to manage sea level rise by building barriers, restoring living shorelines, and funding programs that will plan for the future.…

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