Informative Essay: The Importance Of Climate Change

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Specific Purpose
To inform individuals about the importance of climate change, how it affects each and everyone of us.

Humans have made extreme modifications to the earth 's environment in little more than a century, making climate change a serious issue ( Taylor 1999) The source for the expansion of climate change is from human activity. It has been proven that there is a correlation between human activity and climate change. As the human population increases the demand for resources also increases, thus causing irreversible effects to the atmosphere, the land, and the oceans. However each individual has their own ecological footprint, some are higher than others depending on lifestyle and region. You may think that one person 's footprint isn 't important on the contrary as we begin to add every individual 's footprint it has an enormous toll on the environment 's sustainability. Human
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Coral reefs withhold the largest biodiversity in the planet, they are home to more than 25% of marine life. Losing coral reefs will have an positive feedback on marine life and sustainability, it would destroy food chains, thus causing chaos.
Water has become scarce, there is limited amount due to a decline of rainfall, and higher amounts of evaporation.
Fossil Fuels and Coal are not a green renewable source of energy, it releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The burning of fuels interrupts the natural carbon cycles in the oceans, and from plants causing a reduction of photosynthesis ( NSF, 2009 ) The carbon dioxide that is released causes clouds to have a chemical reaction thus causing acid rain. Carbon dioxide affects human health causes asthma. (Ex) People who live close to a freeway, their lifespan is automatically cut 15 years. Oil spills kill marine life (Ex) Gulf of Mexico Oil

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