Global Warming And Climate Change Essay

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General background of the study

It is scientifically proven that carbon and greenhouse gas emissions increase the speed of global warming and climate change (Commission, 2016) . Many different actions should be done to slow down this phenomenon and provide a healthy and not damaged planet to the future generations (House, 2013). Provided the above statement, a sustainable way of living is proposed; one which can provide a safe and clean planet to the future generations. Therefore, many scientific and political groups worldwide took the initiative to reduce greenhouse and carbon emissions by setting certain targets and deadlines. In example, the EU set a target of reducing its greenhouse emissions by 20% based on 1990 levels, by 2020. Furthermore, another goal of EU was to achieve an 20% implementation of renewable energy sources and a 20% improvement on energy efficiency by 2020 (Commission, 2016). These targets were set on 2007 and were enacted in the legislation by 2009 (Commission, 2016). This target shared among all the EU member states by giving a gas emission quota in each member country (Commission, 2016). Moreover, US created an action plan for the next years (House, 2013). On 2009, the US government constructed plan and set a goal for 2020 of reducing its greenhouse emissions by 17% below the 2005 levels (House, 2013).

Purpose of the study and its importance

Hybrid Electric Vehicles are a concept which has developed the recent years because of the…

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