Global Trends 2030 : Alternative Worlds, The National Intelligence Council

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In Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds, the National Intelligence Council provides a hypothesis of political and geographic factors that could influence the world in the year 2030. The publication is compiled of four megatrends, game-changers, and potential worlds that make a framework for the future of the world.
The first megatrend is individual empowerment. Individual empowerment will rise due to a minimization of poverty and an increase of middle-class citizens. Individuals will have more access than ever to new technologies and communication methods, but have the power to initiate colossal amounts of violence. The second megatrend is diffusion of power. Power will shift toward Asia with China having the largest economy in the world. The state of the global economy will depend heavily on developing countries while the economies of Europe and the United States continue a slow determination. The third megatrend is demographic patterns. The global community’s political and economic status will be affected by age, migration, and urbanization. The aging of countries in the West and other developing countries will struggle to sustain demands for living conditions. The demand for skilled or unskilled workers will cause migration concerns between many countries. With the increase of global population, demand for resources like food, water, and energy will also increase. While resources will be used unprecedentedly, the global community is not necessarily shifting toward…

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