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Module Handbook
International Marketing

Table of Contents
1. General 1
2. Overview of Module and Module Descriptor 1
3. Assessment Criteria and Marking Guidelines 3
3.1 Assessment Timetable 4
4. Schedule of Work / Topics 5
5. Communication 6
6. Support for Your Learning 7
6.1 Specific Support Materials for Module 8
7. Developing Good Academic Practice 10
8. Student Charter 12
9. Complaints and Appeals 12
10. Module Feedback from Previous Students 13

General guidance and information on the university experience for all students can be found in the Student Handbook, which is available online via Overview of Module and Module Descriptor
This document outlines key
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The module focuses on various key topics in international marketing planning, including: standardisation vs. adaptation; marketing communications, looking at global branding and advertising; exporting, managing and logistics; pricing; ethical, financial and organisational issues.

Aims 1. To develop knowledge and understanding of key issues associated with international marketing: * importance of global and international marketing, * motives to internationalisation, * the influence of macro-environment on market selection, * market entry modes, * specific international issues affecting the 4Ps * financial, ethical and organisational issues involved in international marketing To develop skills in researching and analysing international marketing opportunities

Learning outcomes
On successful completion of this module you will: 1. Have developed an understanding of major issues related to international global marketing theory; 2. Have developed skills in researching and analysing trends in global markets and in modern marketing practice; 3. Be able to assess an organisation's ability to enter and compete in international markets.
Module Code: MAN0325M
Principal Co-ordinator: Julian Rawel
Teaching Period: Semester 1
Academic Year: 2013/4
Module Occurrence: A
Module Credit: 10
Level: 3 (Undergraduate)
Pre-requisite(s): MAN0713M and

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