Global Logistics : An Organization Essay

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Global Logistics In order for a firm to successfully operate on a global scale, the application of the concept of global logistics is essential to facilitate the movement of goods and services through international boundaries is essential. Logistics, of course, is the lifeblood of an organization; without the application of the process, goods and services will never be delivered to the targeted end consumers. It is the method of not only delivering the finished product and/or service to the end consumer, but it is also essential in the accumulation, procurement and manufacturing of the necessary components for assembly toward the final product and/or service. If a firm decides to become more globalized, or enter into international markets, the process becomes even more complex due to the exponential uncertainties embedded in penetrating a new foreign market. Saterlee (2014) defines global logistics in the following format: The term logistics refers to the movement of finished products, semi finished products, components, and materials between various locations. Global logistics is a little more complex because it includes a wide range of locations, plants warehouses, vendors, and customers that need to be managed across great distances, time zones, and cultures.
Extrapolating from this definition, one can view the proliferation of global logistics for MNCs and other international firms due to the reduction of trade barriers among countries and the advances in…

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