Global Health, And Ownership Of Land Or Properties Essay

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The personal philosophy I have to achieve global health is to promote education, and ownership of land or properties. After I have traveled to many different places all over the world, a macroeconomics class, watching the world news, and the inspirational work Angelina Jolie does for the United Nations. I strongly believe, that when we give people equal opportunities, and when we continue to teach people worldwide useful skills. When we promote and enable micro credits, so people can start their own business. Those people can earn a living for themselves and their community. Right now, we are facing many problems throughout the world, caused by diverse factors. War will displace people. Due to excessive drought, people will continue to lose crops, where in other places, extreme rainfall can ruin crops and be an accelerator for diseases. In today’s modern world, the right diet, and exercise are not a daily routine for many people, causing a whole new set of problems. Three of today 's biggest health issues are, noncommunicable diseases, malnutrition, and infectious diseases for example, HIV/AIDS.
“Noncommunicable diseases were responsible for 68% of all deaths globally in 2012, up from 60% in 2000.” ( Examples of noncommunicable disease are, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic diseases, diabetes, chronic-respiratory illnesses, and injuries. There are many distinct factors why people can get a noncommunicable disease. For many different reasons, a person can have…

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