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Global Business Individual Project- Hannah Meaney X00103230
Students are required to write a 3,000 word essay which examines macro environmental factors from the perspective of an individual country of the student’s choosing. Introduction:
The country that I have chosen to discuss for the purpose of this assignment is Germany. I have been to Germany before, their lifestyle and the way in which they operate their businesses on a day to day basis is highly intriguing to me. By choosing this country to research for this essay I will hopefully gain a deeper knowledge and insight into the differences between Germany and Ireland and the factors which make Germany so unique. In this essay I will look at and explain in detail the Macro
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Well it is a tool that is commonly used in business to measure and access the market for a certain business. The word itself is an acronym which stands for Political, Economic, Socio-Cultural and Technological factors of a Macro-Environment. It is obviously an important part of setting up any business or organisation that you check and consider in advance the environment you wish to set up in. Does it tick all the boxes? This is where P.E.S.T comes into play. When speaking of the environment itself it is important to know the make-up of the environment. It is combined of three sections the Internal Environment, The Micro Environment and finally the Macro Environment. The internal environment includes staff members, Wages and Technology in the office, the micro environment include our customers, our competitors, the suppliers, the distributors and finally the macro environment is made up of the P.E.S.T. factors which I mentioned earlier and they are Political, Economic, Socio Cultural and Technological. Political: Germany is a democratic republic. The German political system follows a constitution called Grundgesetz meaning basic law, which was created in the year 1949. Germany is also known as a federal state; within it are 16 individual states today. Through the Treaty establishing the European Coal and Steel Community in 1951 and by its signing of the Treaties of Rome in the year 1957, the Federal

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