Glamorous Sdc Case Study

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Management team in Glamorous Sdn. Bhd is diversified into three functional areas which is sales and marketing; production & shipping and finance & administrative. Before that, there will a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) responsible in controlling the function of these three departments. CEO has the duties of driving the company’s vision, mission and objectives. Besides, CEO must be able to lead the business well and able to develop and implement overall strategy in the business performance.
Qualifications of Chief Executive Officer (CEO):
- He or she must graduate in Master’s degree in Business Administration or related field.
- He or she must require at least 5 years of working experience in management or in any business area.
- He or she
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- He or she must require at least 3 years of working experience in the related field or position.
- He or she must require solid computer skills and awareness off web-based marketing and social media.
- He or she able to obtain exceptional communication and presentation skills.
Next, production and shipping department is responsible for turning our outsourced materials into finished goods through a series of production process. The production and shipping department will schedules the production process day-by-day and it need to ensure the quality of products is meet the minimum quality standards. Furthermore, this department also required to complete the packaging of our product and distribute the shipment of products. In this department, it will consist of one department manager and 5 staff distributed in different position. The estimated salary paid to the manager would be RM2800 and the other staff will be paid Rm1600 monthly.
Qualifications of Sales and Marketing
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Bhd is registered under a private limited company which is a separate legal entity from the owners. Moreover, there is limited liability which means the owner’s wealth is protected if the business experience loss or lead to failure. By the way, the business continuity for a private limited company will never stop and will not affect by the departure of one of the owners. Under the registration of company, MyPec Sdn.Bhd has act as Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) to assist us in the registration process. First of all, director of Glamorous Sdn. Bhd had called to MyPec to ask for the procedure on how to register a company (refer to Appendix 1). Then, director was sending the information that required for registration to MyPec by email as shown in the Appendix 2. The total amount of RM120.00 for registration fees will be deducted from the company’s opening capital. Next, as the law and regulations in register a company should appoint a company secretary, Glamorous Sdn. Bhd’s director was called MyPec Sdn.Bhd for the second time to inquire in the procedure on how to appoint a company secretary (refer to Appendix 3). Glamorous Sdn. Bhd need to pay RM1,200.00 to MyPec as the appointment fees for company secretary. The email that sent to MyPec would be provided under Appendix

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