Patriarchy In Developing Countries

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Hannah Paul
Christopher Varlack
English 100
4 November 2014
Improving Developing Nations through Educating Girls
While females are relegated worldwide, females in developing countries feel the effects of patriarchy more intensely than women in developed nations such as the United States. The proportionally high cost of education through tuition, school supplies, and low parental income in developing countries, such as India, Ethiopia and Pakistan, restricts the education of girls in impoverished families. If education is available, families in developing countries choose to give it to boys instead of girls. Since in many developing countries women hold subservient roles of mother, cook and housekeeper, many families believe it is a waste to
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Girls with an education are less likely to become child brides. Similarly, knowledge protects young girls from early marriages and gives them choices. The film Girl Rising explains, “When girls marry young, the cycle of poverty and violence continues. Girls with 8 years of education are 4 times less likely to be married as children”. Educated girls obtain the ability to decide when they want to get married and who they would like to marry. Through education, girls no longer have to worry about a finding a man who can take care of them. They can take care of themselves. Girls marry on their own terms and are not simply given away so they get taken care of, their families receive a payment or dowry or so they can receive protection from sexual assault. . Marriage is no longer a necessity, it becomes a …show more content…
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