Gilmore Girls Case Study

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In Gilmore Girls, there is a lot of communication between mother and daughter, and friends. I chose an episode that was particularly interesting because it involved the main character as well as two minor characters. In this episode, Rory has a longtime boyfriend name Dean, but starts to have feelings for a new bad boy in town. Rory has been battling these feelings for quite some time, and acts on her feelings by kissing the guy that is not her boyfriend.
Instead of confronting both guys and choosing which guy is for her, she chose the avoidance style of communication. Rory decided to run for student council which meant that she had to go to Washington DC for the summer, away from both guys. Rory left without saying anything to either
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Rory had to act like she was not having doubts about her relationship, which involved both relationship maintenance and identity management. Rory had to put on a happy, loving face, and act as if she had never stopped loving Dean, which was not the case. This identity management was put to the tests when she returned from DC and her mom started questioning her relationship and her feelings towards Dean, but she continued to deny her feelings and act the same as she normally did.
Lastly, Rory had to go through a great deal of relationship management to hold her relationship together. She was having a long distance relationship with long-time boyfriend, while questioning her feelings for both men in her life. Rory continued to overemphasize how much she did not like the bad boy in town, and act very snobby towards him, especially in front of Dean. She tried to plan activities, and be more affectionate to keep her relationship alive, while lying to herself about how she really felt.
I have watched this series many times, and it is very interesting to see the evolving relationships spread throughout the episodes. The relationships Rory has are always being put to the test, and for an individual that is known to self-disclose, her failure to accurately communicate tends to put her in uncomfortable

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