Personal Narrative: Time Travel To The Gilded Age

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Mid-Term Essay Question #3 July 2050: In two hours I will tell the scientist who I want to be and then I will time travel to the Gilded Age. I finally decided that I will travel back in time as a leader from the Knights of Labor. I will be a leader of this organization for five years however, I will be back before 10:15 a.m. Each time traveler is allowed to take one thing with them with the exception of money and electronic devices. I eventually want to write an article of this amazing trip I am about to take. Therefore, I am taking a journal to document my experience as a labor union leader. July 1882: I am still amazed on how quickly time traveling takes. All I did was enter the machine, press the blue button, and close my eyes. Now I am here in Philadelphia. As my first day here, I decided to go for a walk. It was extremely hot outside, and I felt the sidewalk burning the soles of my feet. I saw men working and they were dripping in sweat. I noticed they were all tired, yet none of them stopped to take a break. I observed them work diligently until 10p.m. I could not believe they worked more than ten hours in the extreme heat. July 1882: I was walking back from one of our secret meetings of the Knight of Labor, thinking about all of our radical ideas we had discussed. Our discussion was about replacing the …show more content…
In four months I will be back home. It is crazy that I have been gone for only about two hours and I have not aged despite “the sleepless nights.” I believe I have been effective in accomplishing our goals. I motivated many working men to join our organizations, and even created their local unions as well. We emphasized on radical yet practical goals and established Labor Day as a national holiday. In addition, we are accomplishing two of our main goals currently, eight hour work days and the prohibition of child labor. We also had small yet successful strikes. I am satisfied to go

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