Gibbs Reflective Report

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I shall be reflecting on how I communicate with a patient, who was in emotional distress. The area took place was in a public building and a public street. The incident lasted in total for three hours. The word count does not allow me to fully explore this job, so I shall be reflecting on part of this job. The model I shall be using for this reflection is that Gibbs Reflection Cycle.
the job that I am reflecting was a 999 call reporting of a 20-year-old male who was suicidal/sexual assault. On arrival to the location (a public building) we were greeted by a member of staff and taken to an office where the patient and a female member of staff were. The patient’s body language was closed, little eye contact, it was
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Once on the job and talking to the patient and seen how scared he was I felt a bit out of my depth is by this point I had received no mental health training within the ambulance service. I knew the patient had to be taken to hospital I felt very concerned that he would run away and commit suicide, I felt that by whatever means I would have to get this patient to hospital.
During the job I felt many emotions firstly when talking to the patient I felt the great sadness of what had happened to him. I also felt frustration with the patient after spending two hours with him trying to get him to hospital also frustration with myself because I knew that in the end the patient would be sectioned and that I’d said that he wouldn’t be sectioned.
Once we had discharged the patient into the care of the mental health team at a 136 suite I felt exhausted and deflated and concerned. This was due to not knowing whether I should have told the patients that he would end up being sectioned if you did not come with us to hospital. I felt concerned that this patient would lose trust with the ambulance service as I had not been upfront with him, and this might affect him in the future in seeking
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the right phrases and not cause trigger points to worsen the situation. Although I felt my communications with the patient went well to appoint the areas that I could proving is to be opened and honest about what is going to happen, and not be concerned on how they are going to react. My priority areas that need to be developed are around approaching subjects that I know the patient will not like and to be able to deal with their reaction. Since this job I have had further training within the ambulance service around mental health given by a nurse working for the MIND charity. I have also done some personal research on how to discuss with the person that has been raped focusing around male rape.

Conclusion of Gibbs reflection model
I found the Gibbs model a great way to do reflections it is nicely broken down to enable me to reflect easily and how I can plan to improve my knowledge. Before using the Gibbs reflection I was dreading having to write a reflection account but with everything broken down to subtitles and questions for their subtitles, I was able to focus on small parts around specific points. This has helped me understand how good and important it is to reflect on experiences. I have been able to identify some my strengths and weaknesses that need improving

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