Gettysburg Turning Point Essay

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reflected concern over the abolition of slavery, which some perceived as potential competition for jobs and housing, as well as hostility towards the draft, since many conscripted farmers and laborers could not afford to pay for a replacement and were forced into military service.
Historians believe that of all the battles fought in the Civil war the most disturbing battle of the Civil War, was the battle of Gettysburg. This three-day fight where an astounding 51,000 soldiers were killed in total by both sides. Generals Lee’s objective in the battle of Gettysburg was to draw the Union army out in the open and manipulate them with better leadership skills. General Lee thought that since he was a better general a difference of a few thousand
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First, it was a turning point because it did away with any thoughts that President Lincoln might have had about making peace with the South. Nevertheless, the Confederate vice president was, heading toward Washington D.C. as the battle was raging, to talk with the US government and peace might have been considered. However, when Lincoln heard of the victory, he refused to let the vice president come to Washington. Second, and more importantly, the battle convinced European countries not to get involved. If a dominant European power such as England had acknowledged the Confederacy or, even worse, started to help the Confederate State militarily, the strategic embodiment would have been greatly adapted and the US might have had to make peace. Lastly, this battle was the first significant defeat of Gen. Robert E. Lee. Up until that time, he was seen by many in the North and South as indestructible. His defeat was good for morale in the North and helped convince the North that the war could be …show more content…
Therefore, the battle affirmed the significance of freedom to Americans who had always considered themselves as citizens of a free nation. This is brought to light in a speech delivered by Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg National Cemetery to define the purpose of the battle. In his speech, Abraham Lincoln redefined the aspect of freedom and its purpose to the nation. The speech declared that true freedom was only attained when all Americans were free. This new surge of freedom included Black Americans, both freed men and slaves. The conflict between the north and the south on the issue of slavery was not the main factor that led to the civil wars. However, the battle precipitated abolition of slavery. In conclusion, the Gettysburg war is a critical event in American history. The war is considered a major turning point of the American civil wars. The battle led to the victory of the Union force bringing the civil wars to a halt. Following this victory, the Union army took over the control of northern Virginia from the Confederates. Thus, the victory of the union army fortified the US government under the leadership of President Abraham

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