Getting Wasted: Why College Students Drink Too Much And Party So Hard?

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College students are notorious for partying, tailgating and engaging in unsafe behaviors. All of these stereotypes have one common factor which is consuming dangerous amounts of alcohol. Some may argue that banning alcohol completely from these types of events, would just lead to the misuse of other substances or the ignoring of the rules. Considering that the banning of anything, normally results negatively, so instead of banning alcohol enforce moderation. In Thomas Vander Ven’s novel “Getting Wasted: Why College Students Drink Too Much and Party So Hard”, he outlines his thoughts on college and extreme partying through the testimonies of numerous students and research studies. One of the students he interviewed gave insightful information about why colleges need to take action on excessive drinking by reciting why students drink as “Well, I drink every weekend, I am a college student” (Ven 23). …show more content…
Ideas such as this contribute to everyone, from parents to professors to high schoolers, to paying thousands of dollars a year for education equates with consuming alcohol. Another student who participated in the book stated how even though his friends and him all had essays and test the following day, but said “We got kind of bored so we began drinking” (Ven 33). With no justification towards the illicit behaviors, it seems as if there is no solution to regulate moderation, so what is the point in attempting to stop underage drinking. Universities need to take immediate measures or run the risk of joining the others who have experienced the fatality of one of their

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