Getting From The World Around Me Essays

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Detaching myself from the world around me to look in as a third party exposed the culture I have been raised into. To complete this assignments I went to Mirror Lake on campus to observe and document the social behaviors I witnessed. I recorded over a two day span. I first sat by the northern side of the lake on the stone fence, to be aloof from what was transpiring in front of me. The second day I sat on the western side on the grass under the trees to get right in the middle of what was happening.
I observed that people like to be alone. Nearly everyone sat alone or walked alone to their destination. To prove this, there was a woman trying to get students to register to vote on the north side of the lake. Once everyone learned she was selecting people at random to talk to they immediately put their heads down and tried to look occupied so she would not approach them. Another example is, these people wanted to avoid human interaction so badly that they would stare at other people through the corner of their eyes to pretend they weren 't interested in whatever had grabbed their attention. On top of that, a single person would occupy a whole bench or a large unmarked radius in the grass that was clearly claimed territory, and not one person challenged it by getting to close. These spaces were being used not to study, but to have better lighting to stare at their phone screens.
Students are obsessed with their phones. All but a handful of students, it did not seem to…

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