Georgia Southern University Achieve Equal Gender Opportunities

779 Words Nov 12th, 2016 4 Pages
I would first like to thank you for allowing our company to give our advice to help Georgia Southern University achieve equal gender opportunities. We truly appreciate your dedication to strive for equal opportunities for all students. This is David Brock from the Hanna Firm, with our recommendations. We polled the student body and determined that of your 15,793 students, there are slightly more female students. Although, this small difference isn’t large enough to influence the percentage breakdown of your student body, which is roughly 50% male and 50% female. This shows us that you need to add at least 47 more women’s scholarships to achieve gender equality. We suggest that you add three more women’s sports to achieve these desired numbers. We used multiple factors in determining these three sports to add. The most important factor we used was the addition of at least 47 scholarships. The entire purpose of this expansion is to achieve gender equality within Georgia Southern Athletics. Finances were the second factor we used. We understand that you’re operating on a smaller budget than the majority of the FBS; we picked these sports because they financially make sense for your university. The last factor we used in determining these sports is student and community interest and potential growth within these sports. When combining all of these factors, we suggest that you add women’s bowling, lacrosse, and field hockey. We believe that bowling should be added for the…

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