George Wallace 's Speech On The Civil Rights Movement Essay

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On 1963, George Wallace, Governor of Alabama, said his Inaugural speech the “Segregation Now, Segregation Forever” at the capital of Amabama, soon after Martin Luther King Jr. said his “I Have a Dream”. speech at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. Both Men had opposing viewpoints on the civil rights movement. In Wallace’s speech, George had a calm tone of voice unlike Martin Luther king King was a little more dramatic. Wallace wanted to keep segregation, protesting against civil rights, and then there is the outcome. George Wallace wanted to keep segregation towards the north and south. Wallace claimed that that he doesn’t feel safe having the black folk in a white community. In 1963 George Wallace believed that the southeners will only cause destruction and he will not have the children’s life be put at risk. In George Wallaces speech he wrote, “I was safer in a B-29 bomber over Japan in the war in an air raid, than the people of Washington are walking to a white house neighborhood”. (Wallace) What George Wallace is trying to say is that it is not a safe place to be at. Wallace wanted the negroes to just stay were they are at. George has felt more safe at war than being in Alabama. Wallace believed that due to the Negroes in the community, it is the reason why it has gone wild with riots. Martin Luther king Jr. didn’t want segregation. He wanted everyone to come together and join and unite as one community. The white people would discriminate the blacks and Martin…

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