George Tenet Essay

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Emerging from the cold streets of Queens New York surfaced a warm loyal and honest young man by the name George Tenet. Growing up he worked at his family’s diner. He graduated from high school and later received his Bachelor’s degree from Columbia University. George went on to accomplish many goals such as serving as a research director for the American Hellenic Institute and legislative director to Pennsylvania’s Senator John Heinz III. He went on to serve on the Senate Select Committee of Intelligence from 1985-1993 before President Clifton allotted him Senior Director of Intelligence programs and National Secretary Councils. ( George Tenet served as the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (DCI) from 1997
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When DCI Tenet asked for money, there were no questions asked. The third point of prioritization was the placement of Mr. Tenet to the Bush administration and his loyalty to the president. Mr. Tenet placed his position as DCI closer to the presidential administration than to the CIA. The fourth point of prioritization came when Mr. Tenet realized the intelligence information received was not reliable nor was the information being presented to the public accurate. This was a time that Mr. Tenet placed the leaders of the White House parties, Congress, and the president above his own consciousness. Mr. Tenet knew information about events prior to them happening, certain information was not accurate, and some information received was not reliable but said nothing until it was too late. During this time Mr. Tenet place more faith in the Bush administration and prioritized his actions according to their agendas. Moreover, there were strategies used in competing ethical obligations in relation to the many intergovernmental organizations that overlapped tenets office. In the presentation by Dwight Waldo, there is a list of 12 “sources and types of ethical obligations to which the public administrator is expected to respond” (Waldo, 1980). The first obligation listed that corresponds to Mr. Tenet's position as DCI is to the Constitution of the United States. As DCI, two of Mr. Tenet’s responsibilities were the

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