Classical Theory Vs Contemporary Theory

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Introduction On Prompt one, Community and Society will be address and we will see some examine different between classical theorist and contemporary theorist. Also will notice the change on these theorizing over time or how the stay the same over time. What we think about these sociology thoughts on Community and Society. Simmel had five key ideals he focus on “Social form, Social types, Sociability, Conflict, and The metropolis.” Each key ideal noted will be explain and will be noted if there have been any changes from classical to contemporary theorist. Georg Simmel who was a “German sociologist and philosopher” mainly focus on smaller audience other than Durkheim and Marx theories focus on mass audience. Simmel believed …show more content…
People will voice their opinion about the election and the media will be talking about the different opinion the candidates has to say about each other as while. What type of people will vote for Truimp and Clinton? What type of people will vote for Truimp and Clinton? Using the contemporary theory some perspectives from contemporary canon will be discussed on some topics to point out some aspect on the election 2016 Truimp vs Clinton. Contemporary canon addressed several different classes that will be focus on contemporary canon. Between the years 1926- 1984 Michel Foucault that was influenced by Durkheim main ideal was on Discourse, Knowledge/power, and discipline and sexuality. He stated how you spoke about the world is how you will shape the …show more content…
Erik Olin Wright a sociologists believed that technology will take the places of the people job. The unemployment rate will go up due to lack of job because technology have taken place of the people jobs. Erik believe Marx’s theorists on what is capitalism. “Capitalism history is the struggles of the haves and the haves not”, which will cause a major mass unemployment in the country. They believe capital is not what the people want but it’s how the owner make their money. Society will be taken over by machine and computers in the work places: the company will save money and have more money in their pockets. Truimp and Clinton believe companies that have move across sea have taken jobs from the people here in the United States. Truimp stated in the debate he wanted to keep jobs here in the United States for the people here not take jobs away. Truimp speech he wants to make American great again by keeping jobs here and building the country back up job so the economy will get better. Both Truimp and Clinton stated the same they want to keep job here in the United States so, the people here will have jobs. Neither candidates have made a statement saying they want technology to take the places of people on their job. So company can save money. Both candidates don’t want companies to move over sea because that’s taking from the

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