George Orwell's 1984: The Totalitarian Regime Of North Korea

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The totalitarian regime of North Korea mirrors the one in 1984 by the complete oppression of basic human rights, perpetual torture, and constant infringements of the privacy and morals of the malnourished people.
Banned in many countries and viewed as inhumane, cries from the constant torture echo throughout the chambers of North Korean Prisons. Oppressing guards order a mother to submerge her newborn child in a pool of water until the bubbles ceased to rise and the cries died out (Park 1). The belligerent prison guards corral the defenseless people into overfilled cells and rule over them to ensure that the tyrant power of Kim Jong-un’s North Korea never leaves their minds. Just like in the novel 1984, prisoners are beaten and starved and
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Although North Korea’s constitution allows freedom of speech and freedom of the press, the country remains one of the most repressive media environments by “[Owning] all domestic news outlets, [attempting] to regulate all communication, and rigorously [limiting] the ability of the North Korean people to access outside information” (“North Korea” 1). North Korea violates the rights of its citizens to ensure only a word of praise by the people is mentioned about the autocrat of a leader. In juxtaposition to the thought police arresting people who mutter words against the government, whether intentional or not, in the novel 1984, the North Korean officials rid the country of any being corrupt and unlawful enough to beg for food for their starving family, to plead for less severe beatings, to pray for a world without suffering. Thought of as a god, Kim Jong-un has turned the regime into an atheistic power that denies religious freedom to citizens and tortures anyone who disobeys (Bandow 1). Because he regime disallows the right of religious freedom, Jong-un is viewed as the ultimate ruler, the ruler that possesses the greatest of powers, and the regime will go great lengths to ensure--forcefully-- that everyone worships only him. Similarly, in 1984 the regime has obliterated nearly all trace of religion with threats and torture, and Kim Jong-un seeks to do the same through even harsher methods. North Korea limits the travel of its citizens inside the country, requiring a specific reason for travel and permission from the citizen’s work unit (“The People’s Challenges” 1). By increasing the requirements for travel, it is next to impossible for a citizen to move throughout the country, demonstrating to a further extent the heavy-handed power the government holds over the petrified

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