George Orwell 's Animal Farm Essay

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Throughout history, different types of government have been criticized in various ways. During World War II, communist governments were constantly being criticized by many people across the world. George Orwell specifically looked at the Russian Revolution through his novel, Animal Farm. Orwell showed how power was abused by Joseph Stalin while he was controlling the Soviet Union through the character Napoleon and his rise to power. He shows this abuse of power through Napoleon’s abuse towards people, his abuse of his secret police force, and the way he abused his power to make the country strong, all which Stalin also did in the Soviet Union. Napoleon and Stalin both wanted to have complete control over the people of their land. Napoleon tried to gain power by telling the animals on the farm that he would be able to give them more benefits, like excess food, than they ever got when they had Mr. Jones as the head of the farm. He didn 't live up to this promise, however, the animals actually got much less food than what Jones was giving them. Napoleon was nearly starving the other animals without them knowing because he would have the bins “filled nearly to the brim with sand,” then had the sand covered with what remained of the grain to hide that there wasn 't enough feed for all the animals to have a sufficient amount to sustain them properly (Orwell, 75). Napoleon is choosing to slowly harm the animals instead of trying to fix the problem because he wants to seem like he…

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