Essay on George Orwell 's Animal Farm

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Many ideas seem ideal in theory, but in practice they can cause corruption, infringed rights, starvation, and even massive death. Through his literary works Eric Blair, known as George Orwell, showed how totalitarian governments become corrupt. Because Orwell expressed his ideas in the 1940s, he was unable to write an essay stating his views because Great Britain was at war with the Soviet Union, which was practicing a totalitarian form of communism. For his safety, Orwell showed his readers the negative effects of totalitarian governments by writing a fable and a dystopian novel. Both 1984 and Animal Farm seem like enticing stories on the surface, yet in reality they share a deeper meaning; totalitarian governments can become immoral in practice (“The Political Ideas of George Orwell”). Although Soviet Russia was built on the basis of communism, it quickly became a totalitarian socialist regime. Orwell criticized this in his fable, Animal Farm. Orwell also advocated for socialism and moral leadership through his many essays. Throughout his life, essays, and novels, George Orwell morally objected to totalitarian states, thus he was against the form of communism established in the Soviet Union.
In Orwell’s writings and actions, he expressed that he was a socialist who disapproved of totalitarian regimes. Orwell fought with the British army against fascists, who wanted to create a totalitarian government, in the Spanish Civil War in 1935-1937 (“The Political Ideas of George…

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