Essay on George Orwell 's Animal Farm

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George Orwell was a man of great experience and knowledge. His famous writings spoke of the unknown future and remain renowned today. Orwell brought a new, uncharted perspective to the world when he began writing. Throughout 1984 and Animal Farm, George Orwell offers a glance at the egregious government and a diminishing society. As a result of his hatred for other types of government, George Orwell espouses socialism. Socialism brings forth many ideals that Orwell believes in and negates the ideas of other governmental systems which he contends with. Orwell supports socialism because of his aspiration “to live in freedom” (Read 25) and to find the “truest happiness” (Animal Farm 107) of a commonplace among citizens and potential supporters. Socialism provides Orwell with his dogma of a well-organized and formed system that other types of government do not include. He finds the people of the most importance to government, although socialism does not seem to provide individualism from the surface. Orwell prides the individualistic qualities of socialism that shine through the equality which socialism provides to each person. In a socialistic society, the government mends all points of controversy before citizens can begin to argue and separate, creating a smoother and preferable society for Orwell. When he resided in Spain during the reign of Stalin, Orwell was forced to flee because of the proposed destruction of socialists by the communist government under Stalin.…

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