George Orwell 's 1984 : An Oppressive World That Drains The Citizens That Live Under The Ingsoc Regime

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George Orwell’s 1984 is an oppressive world that drains the citizens that live under the INGSOC regime. The citizens of Oceania become repurposed by the Inner Party into tools that exist to perpetuate the class disparity between the Inner Party and the Proles. To summarize, sexuality’s importance to the narrative of 1984 concentrates on the dynamic thematic representations throughout the novel. This essay will highlight several examples of sexuality and sexual expression within 1984 and how sexuality is an act of freedom against oppression. Winston’s sexual past Winston acts as a window for Orwell to emphasize the importances of the state’s control over sexuality. Furthermore, through his diary entries Winston tells the reader of his sexual past and how it contributed to his mental fortitude. Additionally, Winston’s interactions with women provide readers context on how important sexual desire is as an act of revolt.
While Julia and Winston free themselves from the Inner Party’s influence through their affair, Katharine and Winston were together to serve the Inner Party. The contrast between Katharine and Julia’s relationship lies in the different motives that the two women had for having sex. Julia uses sex as an outlet for her energy. The expenditure of her energy gives her a sense of identity that is separate from the Inner Party. Therefore, she is rebelling against the Inner Party through her sexuality. In their essay on sexuality as a weapon of revolt, Tirohl provides…

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