George Donald Trump And The Political Revolution Essay

1329 Words Mar 31st, 2016 6 Pages
When a country has felt great strain in the past, political change has always been the route that the people have elected to take. Throughout the twentieth century, and into the twenty first century, movements from both ends of the political spectrum have spread all over the world. From the left came the socialist and extreme communist movements, and from the right came the industrialist and extreme fascist movements. With the 2016 presidential election being held in the United States, this pattern has been seen again. In many ways the counterpart for the “Political Revolution” offered by Bernie Sanders is offered by the likely GOP nominee, Donald Trump. Donald Trump, a widely liked and hated man, has been called many names. One of these terms may have some legitimate backbone to it: fascist. Donald Trump has proved through his policies, his rallies, and his presence on social media that he is a fascist.

Through his policies, Donald Trump has proved that he conforms to fascist ideals. At the beginning of his campaign, he stated that his plan for immigration reform was to construct a large wall across the US-Mexican border. This ideal of separation parallels that of Hitler’s ideals in fascist Nazi-Germany. He plans to racially purify the United States by isolating the US from Mexico, which is a country who he says sends the US “rapists and criminals.” When Hitler was in power, he believed that by sending the Jewish People, along with the mentally ill, communists, and…

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