Enchantment In Fairy Tales

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The reading questions and discussion boards were particularly important in helping me analyze and research especially for my RA. For example, this particular question made me ponder upon several things until I researched and found something interesting to use for my RA.

“George Cruikshank – “Cinderella and the Glass Slipper”
Q: The stepmother is portrayed as proud, selfish and extravagant which makes her unjust and cruel, in contrast to Cinderella whose “disposition was even better than her looks” and that she “was of such a kind and amicable disposition that she did all this drudgery and bore all this kindness without murmuring;” How would we explain this contrast in terms of seeing in some stories that gender plays a role or the portrayal of
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Chesterton) Some fairy tales teach children that every problem can be handled, no matter how small or big. This way children can connect by imagining what they would do were they in the character’s shoes. Thus, it can be said that “fairy tales help children learn how to navigate life.” (Bettelheim, B. Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales.) Fairy tales serve as a reality by letting children know that everything in life won’t come easy or there will be challenges and bad times and that the important thing is to get through them and emerge as a winner just as some protagonists in their stories do. They help to distinguish between right and wrong. They help in building a child’s imagination and knowledge in a way that after having read a couple of stories, they can almost predict what might happen next in a new story. These always teach a lesson and are essential parts of a fairy tale. Fairy tales have also been known to boost cultural literacy by teaching children about cultural differences and gifting them a curiosity to learn about different cultures. There can be innumerable reasons why fairy tales are an essential part of childhood. But, they also play an important role

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