George Boiardi Was The Unsung Hero Of Every Team Essay

1829 Words Nov 14th, 2016 8 Pages
George Boiardi was the unsung hero of every team that he graced with his athletic ability. George was a Cornell lacrosse player up until 2004 when he lost his life mid game from a shot that hit him square in the chest. It wasn’t necessarily his statistics that impressed everyone George encountered, but rather his work ethic and the way that he held himself stood out to everyone. George was truly an inspiration to everyone on his team. A selfless, driven, class act that wanted nothing but perfection, is the reason that George earned immortality amongst his peers.
Before his death, George was known to be the quiet person that every team had. Despite his quiet nature, his ability to lead by example was nonetheless a major reason George was even scouted in the first place. The Cornell coaching staff saw what most colleges did not see in George. Though George was not the best player for a multitude of meticulous reasons, he made up for all of these reasons for literally giving more effort than anyone on the field, his team or not. After entertaining a couple of offers from other colleges, his reasoning for going to Cornell was a very eye opening experience into just the kind of person George was. Upon George’s visit to Cornell, the major thing that stood out for him was when he was offered a players bed, while that player would sleep on the ground. It was this small, selfless act that pushed George towards Cornell, as he saw that it would be an easy fit for him to be around…

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