Essay about Genetically Modified Organisms Or Safe For Consumption

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What a person puts into their body has a huge impacted on the quality of life that person may have. The food that humans eat makes the difference in the life span they have, the energy levels from day-to-day, Height, weight and many other factors of the human body. Typically a person will eat the food that is most affordable to them. However, we eat food that is safe for consumption. Taking what the Food and Drug Administration says is safe to eat and most often what is popular in to account and determine what is healthy and what is not. Genetically Modified Organisms or better known as “GMO’s” are altered with-in the genetic makeup also called genetically engineered, so it looks the same but it’s not. In this case of food being altered, can the human population rely on them to be safe for consumption? For every action there is an equal reaction. As science modifies food products we will not see the negative side effects until it is too late. The concept behind engineering food as a way to stop the world wide hunger is a good thing. The scientists just have to take the time and do the research to understand all of the side effect and not let money and greed compromise the results. “An internet based biosafety clearing house has also been established to help countries exchange information about GMOs. U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan said the treaty would enable the planet to benefit from biotechnology to curb hunger and poverty while also safe-guarding biodiversity…

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